Core competencies

Company philosophy
In the first instance we want to meet the requirements of our professional building trade customers with our high quality products. Additionally we are committed to the great tradition of the brand KULBA, on the other hand we have always worked on product improvements and innovations, because if you don't go forwards you go backwards.

Satisfied, motivated and competent employees and sales representatives are a crucial basis for a trustful cooperation between our customers and our company. Therefore harmonious working environments as well as continuous in-house and external trainings are very important to us.

Research & Development
Company founder Georg Hartmann recognized in the early 20th century that the former principle of "If it doesn't smell, it doesn't work" was not true. He demonstrated great courage and launched salt solutions and odorless salts. KULBA was one of the first salt-based wood preservatives, which have been offered to the construction industry. Since this time great emphasis has been placed on the development of environmentally friendly products.
The use of natural derived and renewable raw materials has always been a special commitment for us. Therefore, natural resins, vegetable waxes and oils as well as mineral fillers and pigments form the basis of our KULBA products.

Quality standards
Only high-quality raw materials of a consistent quality are used, which are processed under environmentally sound conditions to our premium KULBA products in the production process itself. Sophisticated, in-house standards ensure a consistent level of quality of used raw materials and manufactured products.